Volunteering Programmes


It is possible to arrange a volunteering experience for you, who want to help and make a difference; so that not only can you improve your Spanish, but form memories and a different kind of bond with local people you will remember forever.


Mairead from Ireland:
  • I´ve made it as far as Lima and I am delighted to tell you that my Spanish is coming on really well, thanks to all the work you put in with me. On the way to my hostel from the airport I had a 25minute conversation with my taxi driver in Spanish - he even helped me with some of the verb endings that I accidentally mixed up!                 Thanks a million again for all your help! Gracias                                                                                                             2010

Anthony from England:
  • I’ve had the best teachers and the perfect host!! I love Salta!! Muchas gracias          2010

Marc de Suiza:
  • Gracias por organizar mi trabajo voluntario. Durante las tres semanas compartidas con la institución tuve muchos momentos lindos. Esto me dio una experiencia enriquecedora de trabajo y de vida.                                                                         2009

Ciara from Ireland:
  • Thanks for all your help and hard work with us. “A country without a language is a country without a name”. We’ll definitely return to Salta. “Salta es muy linda”     Gracias,   Love XOXO                                                                                       2008

Lisa de Suiza:
  • Gracias por la paciencia y la flexibilidad y por ayudarme un montón a mejorar mi castellano. ¡¡Las clases fueron muy lindas!! ¡Un abrazo!                                         2007

Joyce de Canadá:
  • Muchas gracias por toda la sabiduría y conocimiento sobre castellano y la vida de los salteños y ¡muchas otras cosas! Con mucho cariño y amor
    ¡Gracias por todo!

Chris from South Africa:
  • I was extremely fortunate to have you as my teacher, not only because of the unique and effective method of teaching, but also because of the information on the History of the region and its people. This is an absolute plus for any traveler who learns the language and at the same time finds out more about the country.Thank you for two fantastic weeks in Salta. ¡Suerte!                                                                               2002